Middles Filter

To the right of the Middles table you will find a filter panel (in the mobile version you will need to tap on the button with 3 horizontal lines to access it). It will help to display only the most relevant middles and sort them in the preferred way.

|Middles filter |Middles filter in mobile version |


The very first drop-down list allows selecting a filter, combining several filters or saving a filter (see Multi-Filter).


You can sort from most distant to nearest events by Start Time, and from biggest to smallest by: Expected Value (recommended, the higher - the better), Middle Odds, Probability, Advantage (same to Overvalue in Valuebets_Filter), Loss, and Win. The sort order can be set by clicking on the respective column header. Note: Expected Value, Probability, Overvalue, Loss, and Win all pertain to the first column.

Event during

This filter option sets the time interval for the event to start. You can choose one of the preset values or set a custom one.

Expected Value (EV)

It is a mathematical expectation of the middle. To calculate it, we use the following formula:

EV = Probability of hitting the middle * Profit with middle hit - Probability of missing the middle * Loss

Expected value should be the main search criterion. Let us compare two middles. The first middle has a possible loss of 10%, and profit of 20%; thus the middle odds equal to 2. The second middle has a possible loss of 1% and profit of 2%, which as well makes the odds equal to 2. With the same probability of hitting the middle, they will have the same overestimation - yet the first one will have 10 times higher expectation.

Middle odds

Middle odds are calculated as: possible win devided by possible loss.

Estimated probability of middle hit

These are your chances of hitting the middle. To assess the probability of hitting a middle, we sum up the probabilities of each outcome comprising the middle (average probabilities across all bookmakers) and subtract 100% from the resulting amount.

Profit with middle hit

It is your gain when winnig two bets.

Loss with a miss

This is what you get in case of winning only one bet, OR what you lose in case both bets lose.


We suggest paying special attention to middles with a positive risk. They are labeled as MAX. Such middles are similar to surebets in a way that they bring guaranteed profit. If both bets win, such middles behave like regular ones. However, in case of winning only one bet, they still ensure certain profit like surebets.

In the Middles table these values will be presented in the following way:

Middles Table with values explained


Bookmakers can be selected based on player preferences. To do this, just check the respective boxes. “Check all” selects or deselects all bookmakers at once. A “Show all” button gives you a full list of bookmakers with their versions and clones. If you press on “Popular”, you will see bookmakers that other users from your country tend to select. It is a good place to start if you are new to our website and to sports betting.

Show All and Popular buttons in BM list

Every bookmaker has a number of options to be performed against them - click on the arrow next to the bookmaker name for a drop-down list to appear.

Dropdown list for a BM

“Required bookmaker” will display only middles containing this bookmaker and will make it bold in the bookmakers list. The same action will occur if you right-click on a bookmaker in the list. “Only one outcome with bookmaker” means that only one outcome in the middle will belong to this bookmaker (as certain bookmakers prohibit 2 stakes for the same event). Minimum and maximum odds for separate bookmakers can be specified too.

In Bookmaker settings you will be able to indicate alternative site domain/currency/commission rate for a bookmaker, as well as select bookmakers to be displayed in the list.

Bookmaker Settings Window


To select preferred sports, check the respective boxes. “Check all” selects or deselects all sports at once.

The Filter button applies the selected filter conditions to the list of displayed middles.